Friday, April 4, 2014

Working on Performance Maitainer 0.7

Performance Maintainer is not just to increase the performance of computer but rather is to make your PC more efficient. I have Dell Inspiron 1545 consisting of 3GB RAM and Dual Core Intel T4300 processor with windows 7 and a eee 701 netbook with 512 MB RAM on Windows XP. I had one simple task i.e. start the computer and browse the web. Both did their job but to my surprise eee 701 even with low configuration did it much more efficiently. Same is the case with iPhone 5 hardware. The hardware is pretty much similar to Galaxy SII but it's so efficient that it competes with Galaxy S4 and HTC One (M7). That's the goal of Performance Maintainer. If the system hardware is efficient in performing its work, OS upgrade is sometimes unnecessary.

Currently, the end of support of windows XP on 8th april is enforcing users to upgrade to hardware demanding OS. Do you think upgrading the OS on same low hardware would increase the efficiency of computer? Million of ATM Machines and Kiosk system around the globe are based on Windows XP. All these machine do their job efficiently and provide us with day to day information and cash. Do you think by upgrading OS and hardware, these machine would become more efficient in doing the same job? Microsoft might say OS upgrade is required because of security issues and mambo jumbo stuff but seriously does it matter to a normal user when many powerful protection software are developed to protect Windows XP systems?

To make PC more efficient, I am working on Performance Maintainer 0.7 which advances the software in schedule optimization. Efficiency of a system is maintained when it is kept clean and defragmented. Optimization of different sectors of system are required to run at different times. For examples, cleaning the recycle bin does not require everyday task whereas clearing the cache and cookies is a daily basis job to secure privacy. Hence, the new version will allow you to schedule 10 different system optimization task including basic three function of Performance Maintainer plus additional registry defragmentation on shutdown and wipe disk drive when idle.On completion on this version, you will be able to schedule different types of disk cleaning schedules using bleachbit and lots more.

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