Thursday, October 31, 2013

Performance Maintainer 0.6 Released!

Name: Performance Maintainer
Filename: pcsm-setup-0.6.exe
Developer: PC Starters
Size: 9.88 MB

What's new in Performance Maintainer 0.6?

Service Optimization

Now you can optimize windows services as per your requirement. many services in windows are by default ON when computer start. Service optimization allows you to create a profile as per your requirement and suggest recommended changes to window services. Therefore reducing the number of services increases computer's performance. You can also modify additional non-Microsoft services using Process Hacker in additional tools.

The program prompts you to create profile for service optimization. Choose the options which are suitable for you.

Once the profile is created you can analyse, select and change the recommendations for services.

Service optimization is only available for OS with Vista and above. Unfortunately, Service optimization feature is not available for Windows XP. Service optimization is powered by Vista Service Optimizer. Please visit for more info

Select and deselect the Task after Analysis

After Analysis of Maintenance window, you can select or deselect the tasks as per your requirement. This option provides you flexibility toward repair option and saves time by skipping disk defragmentation option after analysis.

Changed .NET Framework requirement to 3.5 SP1

Previous version of Performance Maintainer required .NET Framework 4.0. Performance Maintainer has downgraded .NET Framework requirement to 3.5 SP1 hence to support easy installation of program in Windows 7 and above without any additional installations.

Icons for Additional tools section

Icons for links on dashboard have been added and Resolved the glitch problem on startup


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