Sunday, August 18, 2013

Performance Maintainer 0.5 Released!


New Performance Maintainer has a complete new interface to tune up PC performance. 1-click Maintenance is in a separate window with four options:
  1. Clean Registry Problems
  2. Disk Cleaning
  3. Disk Defragmentation
  4. Registry Defragmentation

The program starts with verifying application installation in additional tools section and updates the winapp2 cleaners for bleachbit. The dashboard is same old style with a new Start Maintenance button.

In Maintenance, before analysis you have option to select Registry Sections, Cleaning Items, Drive Defragmentation selection. Also you have the option to skip some steps.

After analysis is complete you can further re-Select and re-analyse items for Registry Sections, Cleaning Items, Drive Defragmentation selection. Additionally you can also re-analyse the results of Disk Cleaner and Registry Cleaner  by clicking analysed link labels and select the options which suits you.

Disk Defragmentation traditional preview is not available because of different programming language. However The udefrag console provides you overall review of the Disk Drives. Moreover, additional option of decompressing compressed file provides you the ability to defragment more smoothly. Note:  PC with less than 35 % of system drive free space won't be able to uncompress files. 

Registry Defragment analysis is very long and will freeze you computer for few moments. But Results are very simple and understandable. Registry defragmentation will run after restart.

So what is new about this project? 

The Scheduled 1-click maintenance is the feature in  Performance Maintainer that is rare to get for FREE. Commercial programs like Tuneup Utilities, Advanced System Care, Glary Utilities are better, However they don't provide the ability of Scheduled Maintenance for FREE. Some programs might be there for free for scheduled maintenance which I might be aware of but as this project  is open source, it provides you full capabilities of scheduled Maintenance with ample options.

You can run Scheduled Maintenance with any three task. The forth task of registry defragmentation is not available because it is only required once. There are four basic types of schedule times available as shown in image. You can further customize it further by going to Task Scheduler.

You can custom select registry cleaner section for Scheduled Maintenance. (These changes won't change main program settings)

Choose Cleaning items for Scheduled Maintenance. (These changes won't change main program settings)

Select Disks to defragment for Scheduled Maintenance. Optimize Disk is disabled by default as it is time consuming and may affect the PC performance. However you can enable optimization to keep Disk drive neat and tidy.(These changes won't change main program settings)

There are many alternative software for all these functions and are categorized under 1-click Maintenance. Performance Maintainer is just another one software but in open source. The future project of Wizard (especially designed for computer repairs and technician) will provide the ability to speedup the entire PC in one Wizard. 

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