Friday, April 26, 2013

New Schema for Performance Maintainer

I don't know for some reason I love to take challenge to make computer fast. I have seen computers with 64 MB RAM to 32 GB RAM and all that people care about is the speed and ease of use. If we compare XP and 7, all the basic things that 7 can do with 2 GB RAM in a similar fashion  XP can do it 512 MB RAM. Therefore XP is still around 39 percent in world because unlike vista, 7 and 8, Windows XP is capable of running at optimum level at very low configuration.

No matter how advance operating system get, PCs is deemed to get slow by useless startup programs, bunch of stupid toolbar and ridiculous list of update services. Upon that there thousand type of viruses present to ruin you and your PC.

My Inital Schema for Performance Maintainer was:

  1. Clean Registry
  2. Disk Cleanup
  3. Defragmentation
When I used the scheme it didnt made a drastic improvement in PC performance and I had perform additional manual stuff to make increase performance in terribly slow PCs.

So the new Schema with wizard is:

  1. Disk Cleanup
  2. Boot time Scan Disk
  3. Move large user folders to other drive Eg: D: , E:
  4. Startup Cleaner (Selection Manual)
  5. Update Services Cleaner (Selection Manual)
  6. Condition page file increase for PC with low RAM running on SATA disk and secondary large drive
  7. Disable Search index and System Restore (Manual) (Advanced User)
  8. Boot time Disk Defragmentation
  9. Registry Cleaner
  10. Registry Defragmenter/Optimizer 
  11. Kill Running Processes manually with memory usage above 20% (Advanced User) (Wizard Finishes here)
I dont know if I can implement this on performance maintainer but this is my preferred way to increase computer speed. Additionally here is a black viper's article for excellent tuning for speed. Any suggestions please comment.

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