Saturday, November 24, 2012

Introducing Performance Maintainer

Name: Performance Maintainer
Size: 4 MB
Description: Performs scheduled disk Cleanup, cleans registry and defragments system Drive.


One Click Performance Maintenance with Open Source. Maintain PC performance with power open source tools like Little registry Cleaner, and ultradefrag by one click.

 So before I tell You its advantage lets start from beginning.

Back in 2006 when I had Slow PC with 256 MB RAM and Pentium 4, I wanted solution to make my PC fast. I tried my applications. RAM Booster, scheduled Disk Cleanup, regular Disk Defragmentation. For some time I used them later who cares. I just used the PC normally and again it went slow. Then In 2008 I found Tuneup Utilities. Really awesome application with 1-click Maintenance and scheduled scan. Trouble? only 30 days trial. Thereafter, I again shifted to normal manual stuff. Finally I realized that to use a computer normally

 Do I have to Know all Kind Of Computer Errors?
I am an extreme PC user. But to browse and play games and use application, it is not necessary to know what kind of troubles your PC is having. No matter whatever computer configuration you have, eventually PC gets slow when junk piles up.  But It is a computer. It should maintain itself periodically. Like why do I have click for disk Cleanup or defragmentation or Clean Registry?  After the invention of technology of recycle bin and native defragmenter, I feel like windows have majorly concentrated towards graphics. So third party applications took over for performance.  Tried many application and in the end they show ads and tease you with all sort of computer problems and only allow you to fix after purchase. Some of them are even spam like System Optimiser on pretending to be open source. I don't know why is it still on sourceforge?
So finally here it is. Performance Maintainer has combined open source tool such as  Little registry Cleaner, and ultradefrag which  runs periodically for PC maintenance and performance. It is very simple and automated
  1. Scan and Cleans the registry,
  2. Performs Disk Cleanup
  3. and Finally defragments System Drive.
  4. Additionally, Executes itself as per scheduled

The installer schedules the program to run according to your requirements. The open source program is included with highly efficient programs. So no further manual maintenance is required. The project is available to download and hosted on by PC Starters. drawback of this project is that it requires .NET Framework 4. So if you don't wish to download .NET framework, alternatively you can use CCleaner which I felt very efficient. you can even schedule CCleaner automatically. I haven't seen scheduling option on actual program but CCleaner has provided the solution on here.  
This program just unifies three functions. If you wish to further develop this program or programs included in it visit the link. You can include more application and make it work better.
Performance Maintainer includes
Little Registry Cleaner

Little Startup Manager

Little Uninstall Manager
Disk Cleaner
Suggested Applications can be added:
File Shredder or Eraser
Registry Optimizer or Registry Defrag
ShortcutFixer -- No Open Source Project :(
Scan Disk - system inbulit
Service manager


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