Thursday, January 26, 2012

Open Source Disk Cleaner

A very light, efficient, fast and flexible disk cleaner is available on developed by R. J. Moerland. Complete support can be obtained on its main website

Advantage over Windows Disk Cleanup

The most prominent advantage of open source disk cleaner over windows disk cleanup that it is very fast. While the disk cleaning of windows is limited to windows system, the disk cleaner can also clean temp of other additional software. Additionally the plug-in creation facility allows to clear the junk of other software. Even it consist of quiet mode switch that permits silent scheduled cleaning for regular maintenance.

The open source project is released under GPLv2

Create a Scheduled Cleanup

This example creates a weekly disk cleanup
  1. Download the software from here
  2. Install the software
  3. Open the program and run disk cleaning once. (requires one last used preset for scheduled cleaning or save a preset)
  4. close the program. Start Run (Start + R). and open command prompt by typing cmd
  5. Open Task Scheduler from Start>Accessories>System Tools>Task Scheduler.
  6. Create a basic task with start a program (Select name and schedule as ur wish. It is recommended to keep a weekly check) and select Disk Cleaner in C:\Program files\Disk Cleaner\dclean.exe.
  7. in argument section type:   /q              (this will silently clean using last used preset) 
          use:   /q -r {preset name}     to define a preset.

Hence easy to use, fast and flexible option for scheduled cleanup.

Even creating a Plug-in for the cleaner is very easy.. Location like Downloads gets filled up with all junk as every browser saves its download at that location. Creating a plugin to clearing u personal junk is very easy Go to to create your own Plug-in

Download Disk Cleaner from

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