Wednesday, May 25, 2011

All in one FDM!!

Free Download Manager(FDM) does more than its name. Its enables user with many other features like Online Videos Downloading, FTP Support and Bit torrent Client.

FDM provides the same feature as provided by Real Player. If you have installed FDM you would be able to a "Download with FDM" Button above the video (same feature as real player). Even you can convert the video after download with FDM. But the limitation is that it doesn't support chrome.

Further Tutorial from website..

Enable Bit torrent Client

FDM is even a bit torrent Client which enables user to download torrent stuff. It use libtorrent for its protocol. Its a best alternative to other bit torrent clients. PC Starters is included with Deluge as bit torrent Client but if you are facing problems in installing GTK , then the best way to start torrent is to enable FDM bit torrent Client From FDM

Menu bar > Options > Settings > Bit torrent > Enable Bit torrent Protocol Support.


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