Sunday, January 25, 2015

Performance Maintainer 0.7 Released!


Filename: pcsm-setup-0.7.exe
Size: 10.2 MB

Software Informer Virus Free award

New version of performance maintainer features creation of scheduled tasks as per your requirement. you can create up to 10 scheduled task using performance maintainer of registry cleaning, disk cleaning and disk defrag. The schedule can be created on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Working on Performance Maitainer 0.7

Performance Maintainer is not just to increase the performance of computer but rather is to make your PC more efficient. I have Dell Inspiron 1545 consisting of 3GB RAM and Dual Core Intel T4300 processor with windows 7 and a eee 701 netbook with 512 MB RAM on Windows XP. I had one simple task i.e. start the computer and browse the web. Both did their job but to my surprise eee 701 even with low configuration did it much more efficiently. Same is the case with iPhone 5 hardware. The hardware is pretty much similar to Galaxy SII but it's so efficient that it competes with Galaxy S4 and HTC One (M7). That's the goal of Performance Maintainer. If the system hardware is efficient in performing its work, OS upgrade is sometimes unnecessary.

Currently, the end of support of windows XP on 8th april is enforcing users to upgrade to hardware demanding OS. Do you think upgrading the OS on same low hardware would increase the efficiency of computer? Million of ATM Machines and Kiosk system around the globe are based on Windows XP. All these machine do their job efficiently and provide us with day to day information and cash. Do you think by upgrading OS and hardware, these machine would become more efficient in doing the same job? Microsoft might say OS upgrade is required because of security issues and mambo jumbo stuff but seriously does it matter to a normal user when many powerful protection software are developed to protect Windows XP systems?

To make PC more efficient, I am working on Performance Maintainer 0.7 which advances the software in schedule optimization. Efficiency of a system is maintained when it is kept clean and defragmented. Optimization of different sectors of system are required to run at different times. For examples, cleaning the recycle bin does not require everyday task whereas clearing the cache and cookies is a daily basis job to secure privacy. Hence, the new version will allow you to schedule 10 different system optimization task including basic three function of Performance Maintainer plus additional registry defragmentation on shutdown and wipe disk drive when idle.On completion on this version, you will be able to schedule different types of disk cleaning schedules using bleachbit and lots more.

I hope this blog has been useful to you.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Performance Maintainer 0.6 Released!

Name: Performance Maintainer
Filename: pcsm-setup-0.6.exe
Developer: PC Starters
Size: 9.88 MB

What's new in Performance Maintainer 0.6?

Service Optimization

Now you can optimize windows services as per your requirement. many services in windows are by default ON when computer start. Service optimization allows you to create a profile as per your requirement and suggest recommended changes to window services. Therefore reducing the number of services increases computer's performance. You can also modify additional non-Microsoft services using Process Hacker in additional tools.

The program prompts you to create profile for service optimization. Choose the options which are suitable for you.

Once the profile is created you can analyse, select and change the recommendations for services.

Service optimization is only available for OS with Vista and above. Unfortunately, Service optimization feature is not available for Windows XP. Service optimization is powered by Vista Service Optimizer. Please visit for more info

Select and deselect the Task after Analysis

After Analysis of Maintenance window, you can select or deselect the tasks as per your requirement. This option provides you flexibility toward repair option and saves time by skipping disk defragmentation option after analysis.

Changed .NET Framework requirement to 3.5 SP1

Previous version of Performance Maintainer required .NET Framework 4.0. Performance Maintainer has downgraded .NET Framework requirement to 3.5 SP1 hence to support easy installation of program in Windows 7 and above without any additional installations.

Icons for Additional tools section

Icons for links on dashboard have been added and Resolved the glitch problem on startup


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Performance Maintainer 0.5 Released!


New Performance Maintainer has a complete new interface to tune up PC performance. 1-click Maintenance is in a separate window with four options:
  1. Clean Registry Problems
  2. Disk Cleaning
  3. Disk Defragmentation
  4. Registry Defragmentation

The program starts with verifying application installation in additional tools section and updates the winapp2 cleaners for bleachbit. The dashboard is same old style with a new Start Maintenance button.

In Maintenance, before analysis you have option to select Registry Sections, Cleaning Items, Drive Defragmentation selection. Also you have the option to skip some steps.

After analysis is complete you can further re-Select and re-analyse items for Registry Sections, Cleaning Items, Drive Defragmentation selection. Additionally you can also re-analyse the results of Disk Cleaner and Registry Cleaner  by clicking analysed link labels and select the options which suits you.

Disk Defragmentation traditional preview is not available because of different programming language. However The udefrag console provides you overall review of the Disk Drives. Moreover, additional option of decompressing compressed file provides you the ability to defragment more smoothly. Note:  PC with less than 35 % of system drive free space won't be able to uncompress files. 

Registry Defragment analysis is very long and will freeze you computer for few moments. But Results are very simple and understandable. Registry defragmentation will run after restart.

So what is new about this project? 

The Scheduled 1-click maintenance is the feature in  Performance Maintainer that is rare to get for FREE. Commercial programs like Tuneup Utilities, Advanced System Care, Glary Utilities are better, However they don't provide the ability of Scheduled Maintenance for FREE. Some programs might be there for free for scheduled maintenance which I might be aware of but as this project  is open source, it provides you full capabilities of scheduled Maintenance with ample options.

You can run Scheduled Maintenance with any three task. The forth task of registry defragmentation is not available because it is only required once. There are four basic types of schedule times available as shown in image. You can further customize it further by going to Task Scheduler.

You can custom select registry cleaner section for Scheduled Maintenance. (These changes won't change main program settings)

Choose Cleaning items for Scheduled Maintenance. (These changes won't change main program settings)

Select Disks to defragment for Scheduled Maintenance. Optimize Disk is disabled by default as it is time consuming and may affect the PC performance. However you can enable optimization to keep Disk drive neat and tidy.(These changes won't change main program settings)

There are many alternative software for all these functions and are categorized under 1-click Maintenance. Performance Maintainer is just another one software but in open source. The future project of Wizard (especially designed for computer repairs and technician) will provide the ability to speedup the entire PC in one Wizard. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

PCSW Part 1 Process 1: Initiation

The Initiation comprises of creating a configuration file by user selection on wizard. Once user finishes the wizard an configuration ini file will be created which will guide PCSW process to perform task. these files will be copied to windows folder. Once copied, the pcsw.exe will be executed to start maintenance. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

New Schema for Performance Maintainer

I don't know for some reason I love to take challenge to make computer fast. I have seen computers with 64 MB RAM to 32 GB RAM and all that people care about is the speed and ease of use. If we compare XP and 7, all the basic things that 7 can do with 2 GB RAM in a similar fashion  XP can do it 512 MB RAM. Therefore XP is still around 39 percent in world because unlike vista, 7 and 8, Windows XP is capable of running at optimum level at very low configuration.

No matter how advance operating system get, PCs is deemed to get slow by useless startup programs, bunch of stupid toolbar and ridiculous list of update services. Upon that there thousand type of viruses present to ruin you and your PC.

My Inital Schema for Performance Maintainer was:

  1. Clean Registry
  2. Disk Cleanup
  3. Defragmentation
When I used the scheme it didnt made a drastic improvement in PC performance and I had perform additional manual stuff to make increase performance in terribly slow PCs.

So the new Schema with wizard is:

  1. Disk Cleanup
  2. Boot time Scan Disk
  3. Move large user folders to other drive Eg: D: , E:
  4. Startup Cleaner (Selection Manual)
  5. Update Services Cleaner (Selection Manual)
  6. Condition page file increase for PC with low RAM running on SATA disk and secondary large drive
  7. Disable Search index and System Restore (Manual) (Advanced User)
  8. Boot time Disk Defragmentation
  9. Registry Cleaner
  10. Registry Defragmenter/Optimizer 
  11. Kill Running Processes manually with memory usage above 20% (Advanced User) (Wizard Finishes here)
I dont know if I can implement this on performance maintainer but this is my preferred way to increase computer speed. Additionally here is a black viper's article for excellent tuning for speed. Any suggestions please comment.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Introducing Performance Maintainer

Name: Performance Maintainer
Size: 4 MB
Description: Performs scheduled disk Cleanup, cleans registry and defragments system Drive.


One Click Performance Maintenance with Open Source. Maintain PC performance with power open source tools like Little registry Cleaner, and ultradefrag by one click.

 So before I tell You its advantage lets start from beginning.

Back in 2006 when I had Slow PC with 256 MB RAM and Pentium 4, I wanted solution to make my PC fast. I tried my applications. RAM Booster, scheduled Disk Cleanup, regular Disk Defragmentation. For some time I used them later who cares. I just used the PC normally and again it went slow. Then In 2008 I found Tuneup Utilities. Really awesome application with 1-click Maintenance and scheduled scan. Trouble? only 30 days trial. Thereafter, I again shifted to normal manual stuff. Finally I realized that to use a computer normally

 Do I have to Know all Kind Of Computer Errors?
I am an extreme PC user. But to browse and play games and use application, it is not necessary to know what kind of troubles your PC is having. No matter whatever computer configuration you have, eventually PC gets slow when junk piles up.  But It is a computer. It should maintain itself periodically. Like why do I have click for disk Cleanup or defragmentation or Clean Registry?  After the invention of technology of recycle bin and native defragmenter, I feel like windows have majorly concentrated towards graphics. So third party applications took over for performance.  Tried many application and in the end they show ads and tease you with all sort of computer problems and only allow you to fix after purchase. Some of them are even spam like System Optimiser on pretending to be open source. I don't know why is it still on sourceforge?
So finally here it is. Performance Maintainer has combined open source tool such as  Little registry Cleaner, and ultradefrag which  runs periodically for PC maintenance and performance. It is very simple and automated
  1. Scan and Cleans the registry,
  2. Performs Disk Cleanup
  3. and Finally defragments System Drive.
  4. Additionally, Executes itself as per scheduled

The installer schedules the program to run according to your requirements. The open source program is included with highly efficient programs. So no further manual maintenance is required. The project is available to download and hosted on by PC Starters. drawback of this project is that it requires .NET Framework 4. So if you don't wish to download .NET framework, alternatively you can use CCleaner which I felt very efficient. you can even schedule CCleaner automatically. I haven't seen scheduling option on actual program but CCleaner has provided the solution on here.  
This program just unifies three functions. If you wish to further develop this program or programs included in it visit the link. You can include more application and make it work better.
Performance Maintainer includes
Little Registry Cleaner

Little Startup Manager

Little Uninstall Manager
Disk Cleaner
Suggested Applications can be added:
File Shredder or Eraser
Registry Optimizer or Registry Defrag
ShortcutFixer -- No Open Source Project :(
Scan Disk - system inbulit
Service manager